Unthinkable but possible.

LÆRO is a design studio specializing in the product-service systems that shape our world.

+ We develop the products and technologies that make up our global infrastructure

+ We train our stakeholders to improve and innovate within their communities

+ We plan for the systems we live in, accounting for a net-positive impact with every step forward

Our work responds to the challenges highlighted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across domains of health, education, ecology, economy, and community.


Designing for health means improving the way we access our most basic resources, from water to energy and food.

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We’re exploring creative ways to teach people about the systems that make up our world and influence our environment.

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Ecological design takes us beyond meeting our human needs to consider how we can support our environment and the needs of other species.

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Our economic studies prove that we can create jobs while achieving standards for equality and sustainability.

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Our community-based projects aim to build capacity for co-designing new developments with the stakeholders of our work.

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