Unthinkable but possible.

LÆRO is a design studio specializing in product-service solutions for a sustainable world.

We develop the products and technologies that make up our global infrastructure.

We train our stakeholders to innovate within their communities.

We plan for the systems we live in, accounting for a net-positive impact with every step forward.

Our work responds to the challenges highlighted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across domains of health, education, ecology, economy, and community.

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Who We Are

LÆRO was founded in 2022 by Noemi Florea, a designer and writer who specializes in interdisciplinary design with a strong interest in advancing stakeholder engagement in traditional design practices.

LÆRO’s in-house team is made of a wide range of freelance consultants and contributors with backgrounds ranging from electrical engineering to editorial reviewing to product and graphics design. A significant part of our work is done in partnership with non-government and community-based organizations, where modes of co-design and participatory planning allow us to evenly balance the workload in ways that make our solutions more accurate.

Learn more about who we are on our page, About LÆRO.

What We Do

Our work falls along five core domains of health, education, ecology, economy, and community. These are the five themes we’ve found that practically encompass all of the challenges we face today as a global society.

Today, we’re working on a pilot suite of seventeen projects that address that seventeen sustainable development goals, along which we’ve classified into our core domains. These projects range in scope and form, from a digital app that directs neighborhood residents to their nearest grocer, to a compact greywater treatment system that can retrofit into households.