Greenspace Locale

How might we improve access to greenspace through community design?


Approximately 16% of the global urban share is allocated to sidewalks and open public spaces, a rate which is nearly half what the Sustainable Development Goals aim for.

Greenspace can have a plethora of positive effects on local community health, including greater physical and mental well-being for residents, stronger climate resiliency against extreme heat and flooding, and more opportunities for local outdoor recreation and education.

Yet while the benefits of greenspace are incontestable, in many cities local access to greenspace can be hard to come by against the realities of existing property development, zoning laws, and in many cases, the lack of investment in public parks.


Where acquiring greenspace through more traditional modes such as by parks and gardens remains unrealistic, creative ways of redesigning buildings and public facilities can connect residents with nature by injecting greenspace into architecture.

Greenspace Locale is a project revamping building designs for more integrated greenery mediums to improve community health and make buildings more enjoyable.

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