The Health Food Directory

How can people learn about healthy food options in their neighborhood?


Globally, more than two billion people face unreliable access to healthy food, either because healthy food is not sold or distributed near them, or is otherwise too expensive for the average person.

Maps around the world have exposed the scope of “food deserts” in low-income communities, where little to no healthy food is sold within walking distance of most households. In a food desert, the challenges to accessing healthy food can also include that residents themselves have limited knowledge on where healthy food vendors are located, and these vendors don’t have the means to market themselves or expand their reach.


The Health Food Directory is the first step to supporting the residents of food deserts worldwide in locating and traveling to their nearest healthy food retailer.

Soon to be available as a digital app and website, the Directory provides up-to-date information on the location, contact information, product selection, and average pricing of healthy food vendors in food desert communities. Beyond providing businesses with a marketing network, the Health Food Directory will also unite food vendors into a cooperative resource pool, where they can receive additional funding and business training to expand their impact.

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