How can user disposal systems be redesigned to promote trash-sorting?


Over the past twenty years, our global material footprint has increased by 70%. Every minute, one million plastic drinking bottles are discarded, and each year approximately five trillion plastic bags are thrown away.

Recycling and composting are among our main pathways to reducing the impacts of a “wastedemic,” but users must first embrace the need to sort their waste if these solutions will have any real impact.

To facilitate how people sort waste, we need to create the right frameworks to make recycling and composting the easiest and most convenient options available.


Easise is a disposal system designed for the household or small business that sizes waste bins proportionate to the average amounts of waste a user in a high-income country would generate between recycling, composting, and landfill waste.

Our early findings suggest that by making the landfill waste bin smaller and less convenient to reach compared to recycling and compost bins, users may be more likely to sort their trash appropriately.

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