How can we develop passive technologies to reduce people’s risk of using dangerous cooking systems?


More than 2.5 billion people around the people use cooking systems that can be dangerous and inefficient, causing one of the leading figures in household deaths in low-income regions.

These figures result from unreliable clean energy access combined with rudimentary household heating and cooking systems, which can cause severe smoke inhalation leading to death.


To improve how households with limited electricity access can safely prepare food, LÆRO is developing an innovative low-technology household oven based on the clay stoves, or chulli, used in Bangladesh.

Laero’s technology combines the Chulli water treatment system developed by Richard Johnston in combination with drain water heat recovery coils to create a scalable cooking application that can warm and grill food, with an optional boiling application to treat water. By incorporating improved ventilation constructs into how the oven integrates with the household structure, Laero’s technology can also reduce risk of death by smoke inhalation while being used.

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